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  • Toothbrush with SUPERSOFT bristles
  • Coco Glam Activated Organic Charcoal
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Fine black powder to whiten your teeth? Yes! The secret ingredient is an oxidized version of activated charcoal that absorbs various substances and pollution. It's non-toxic for people and harmless for teeth as it does not absorb minerals that build them, it does not interfere with enamel or teeth structure.

Does coffee, cigarette, coloured drinks or other products residue bother you? While using Coco Glam you will see the effects just after a few uses.

Toothbrush has nylon and charcoal bristles. Ideally suits for brushing teeth with our Coco Glam Activated Organic Charcoal and Coco Glam Bright products. Each toothbrush is decorated with an original crystal.

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